Legal Compliance


RadioKart and Signific Systems conforms to all the Laws of the Land in terms of Importing, Stocking, Merchandising and Selling or Radio Transmission Equipments.

Legal Existence and Taxation.

RadioKart is a Trademark owned by Signific Systems

Signific System's is Registered Office is in Bengaluru

Regulatory Approval 

Radiokart is the Trade name of Signific Systems holds Dealer Possession Licence (DPL) with Licence Number BGL/DPL/05/2018 from Wireless Planning and Coordination Wing (WPC) - Dept. of Telecommunications, Govt. of India  for Possession of Wireless Transmission Equipment.


Buying Notes for Wireless Transmission Equipments :

Wireless transmission equipment can only be purchased by Licensed Indian Amateur(HAM) Radio Operators Only

The item will be shipped on the below only if the below said conditions are met

1) Provide a self attested copy of valid Amateur Radio Licence
granted by Dept. of Telecommunication - Govt. of India. to be filed in our DPL Records
2) Provide a self attested copy of a valid Govt. ID Proof
Driving Licence is not accepted as an ID Proof
3) Customer's Name should match the Name as per the Amateur Radio Licence

4) if you fail to provide the above details with-in 7 Days of purchase,
the order amount minus 2% Processing and Restocking will be refunded back to the customer

Possesion and Sale of a Wireless Transmission Equipment is Governed by the relevant acts of

Indian Wireless Telegraphy Act 1933
Indian Telegraph Act, 1885
Indian Telegraphy(Possession) Act , 1965

Right of Sale

We are Signifc System and RadioKart take Local and National Security very seriously.

On account of this, Signifc System and RadioKart reserves the right to decline or reject a purchase on the grounds of Non Possession of Operating Licence, Failure to Identify , and potential threat to Local and National Security.

Purchase cost if any, would be returned to the customer without any interest paid on them within 7 days from the date of rejection of the purchase.

Any dispute arising out of these will be subjected to courts in Bengaluru jurisdiction Only. 


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